This is a phenomenal talent that has progressed musically and broke boundaries most of us avoid. The latest songs and guitar are moving, and yes dark yet so good you can’t stop enjoying art.

This latest album, In The House Of Hidden Doors, delivers a unique melody to every piece as it takes you on a journey so delicately balanced by the artist’s beginning with the introduction of Aperture, building the artists story with another piece in the middle, Chrisalis that blends the whole album together with past, present and future experiences from the artist.

Please give this new album a listen and explore the subtle and melancholic expressions of life through the eyes of Eden Page. The video below is an interview with artists in the Seattle area including Eden Page introducing two of her new songs from her new album. Enjoy!

Published November 28, 2020 ©Museum Americana

GROWING PAINS – Jax The Artist (Published February 16, 2019)

A few years ago I found myself going through some of the most difficult times of my life, getting over a break-up, trying to understand drug addiction and the torment associated with it. It was during a sudden slow down, that allowed me to tap into my creativity once again. As an artist, using self-therapy video journals allowed me to exercise my true potential and learn from life experiences which were unforeseen yet made me a stronger woman today.

Off the Wall Artist Collective and Bioluminescent Films Present
“SWORDS” a music video for the title track of Eden Page’s independent debut album released July 1st, 2017.

Created by: Juliette Wallace, Ezra Demimonde, and Sean Sebastian
Director of Photography: Zenia Pakker- Kozicki
Staring: Eden Page & Dawn Perryman

Thank you to Off the Wall Artist Collective & Museum Americana for making this video a reality.
© 2018 Off the Wall Artist Collective All rights reserved

Eden Page – Mirror Wall

Starring: Shay Norton, Lindsey Koon
Cinematography by: Sean Sebastian, Juliette Wallace, Tommy Vargas
Original Concept: Eden Page
Music recorded, mixed, and mastered at Bard Rock Studio by Sean Sebastian

This video was released independently with the help of Off the Wall Artist Collective/ Pizza Box Productions.