Here’s a word for those elite, all of you who think you’re complete, umm you won your day in court, with judge and D.A. on the pay. Say congratulations to yourself, what was the cost of human sacrifice, you wear your polished social cues, you’re nice.

Umm, from bank and Wall Street bail-outs, citizens rise up and shout, we have a lot of doubt of government, when you spent our trust another country gone bust. We are your people too, we’ve paid our dues now you must too. The world knows of your corruption and wars, dereliction soars where money breeds and plants its seed to deceive.

Mad Hatters, stolen votes, steel coats, democracy underground, people have found, lies disguised. We know of Skull and Bone, where elite are shown how to propagate universal hate, all for a wealthier plate, innocent cry, the poor die, others sent off to war-monger, but no longer can you deceive, the majority believe, we can think for ourselves.

Your Hell Fire Club is your loaded gun in more ways than one, heads of state, your bullets for the run, profit, prestige and money, don’t worry sonny, stay good ole boys, we can’t take away your toys, ooh oh place your bet and get behind the next power play, hey it’s all in a day, honestly sirs I love you all, but even the powerful have got to fall.

Goodbye, goodnight, don’t let the bed bugs bite, goodnight, sleep tight.

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By: V. Wallace