Wallace, V


Veronica (Compton) Wallace is from a  long line of artists; there are painters , musicians, dancers, actors, writers in her family. Veronica began her art studies at the knee of her late father, the late internationally collected Mexican/American Muralist and political cartoonist, Armando Campero.

Veronica’s art began being published in the mid 1980’s primarily under pseudonyms and in leftist presses/feminist publications. Remember Our Sisters Inside (R.O.S.I.), a California non-profit organization began making prints of her work in posters, cards, and flyers.

By the 1990’s Veronica had grown her own patron base and with her work on tours at several universities. Her work was beginning to be collected almost exclusively in print form. She donated original pieces to help non-profit organizations raise funds i.e., American Cancer Society, Mary Bridge Hospital Burn Ward for children, WA State Correctional Officers Association, and a series of portraits of children who had passed away while their mothers were in prison (these pieces were gifted to their families). Murals by Veronica were regularly donated to the Black Cultural Workshop in WCCW to help celebrate the lives of African Americans whose life work made positive changes to our American culture.

Veronica has chosen to not sell her work until now. What MA is making available are historical pieces and her current works.


Most of my work I feel is part of my flesh and blood, as a consequence I have been too attached to sell any of my work even though I’ve been offered decent bids on pieces.

Today I realize I have hundreds of pieces which over fill my studio and living spaces. Therefore if you are truly drawn to one of works I will consider a reasonable bid (not all will be available to sell).

Please inquire on a piece you truly want and will show in your environment.

Thank you for your interest.

The Duchess/Ver