INNUENDO FILM FEST Bioluminescent Films took the award for Best Feauture Film at 2022 Innuendo Film Festival for She The Creator. Museum Americana as Executive Producer is proud to announce this award on our website. Click the link above to see award recipients.

Justice Or Just-Ice

Racial supremacy? Where? I don’t see it. I don’t believe in it. Prejudice, being spat on upon by white freckled face boys, being in bushes hiding trying to escape school to home, and home was its own culture. Staying on the side of love despite oppressions is the building of courage and creates the rebel….

Jane Doe And The Science Of Trauma

Veronica shares her story as a victim of child trafficking from the age of ten, for two and a half years until she escaped. Seen through the lens of a woman, trying to understand the trauma brought into her life for years to come even after the kidnapping. It’s available on Amazon for free and…