About Us


Veronica “Compton” Wallace, Founder & CEO

In my early years, art was, and still is, a great part of my life. My late father, Armando Campero, an accomplished muralist of his time, would instill yet a much greater appreciation for the emotional visualization depicted through his art.

Where brilliance is given voice, with its voice, art is born. The act of art is the act of rebellion. To bed with art is to invite rebellion. For what single greatest act can a human endeavor than that of remaking, redefining of the human experience.

​Just as sacred images caught on film leave us to wrestle against exposures while zealously pursuing and sharing stories of our diverse lives, at Museum Americana, we support diversity, we value freedom and exhibit its gifts. We open our doors to provide a venue, encompassing of multifaceted artistic talent, throughout the world.


Jackie Contreras, Co-Founder

Jacueline G. Contreras, Co-Founder & Vice President

The concept of Museum Americana​, came easily to both Veronica and myself after discussing American culture, art, and the multifaceted talents of artists in this new age; the “genius” mind in the age of information. Too often we encounter mainstream art in galleries, lacking emotion, void of life experience.

​As MA grows, so will our collective and our goal to exhibit American art throughout the world as we shift into this new and fast growing age.

​I studied Multi-Media Arts and Technologies, and have acquired entrepreneurial skills over many years, waiting for the right opportunity and desire. As curator for the museum, I look forward to working with American artists who wish to express their personal experiences of life, through art, to their full potential.