Who Is This Jane Doe?

Jane Doe Being Silenced

Let me introduce you to this Jane Doe. Prisoner ID# 276077. She is a woman of valor, one who overcame her bullies and prison rapist in Washington State. She fought for decent food, without maggots and spoiled meats. The staff would take home the good meals and leave the prisoners with garbage food. A complaint was filed by this woman. Two thirds of a ton of food in the prison was wasted. Another inmate next to this woman cell would flush their toilet and it would come flying out the toilet next to that cell. The plumbing conditions were disgusting to say the least. This woman filed a complaint. Soon, as her complaints were being received in higher positions, change was inevitable because she reached the Department of Food And Agriculture for better conditions in regards to food. She eventually found a way to escape the conditions and environment by fleeing the prison with another inmate, unfortunately they were found and brought back.

She served 23 years in prison, 8 of which were in isolation. Some of the wardens throughout the years would call this woman into their office just to have lengthy conversations because this woman is highly intelligent. She never murdered anyone. It was unfortunate that her attorney wanted to make a name for himself by using her name and NOT allowing her to confess, which is what she wanted to do and what really happened. She later becomes a jailhouse lawyer and begins working with inmates, registered with the New York Bar. She helped set up programs for rehabilitating the inmates and getting them proper care in the mental ward especially which was a closed unit. This woman heard rumors of abuse in the unit. It too her 11 years to get into the mental ward herself and see what was going on, which included rape of a woman who was disabled. She would defend the weak from the bullies and put them in their place without hesitation. She was well known and respected in the prison. There were riots for her when she would be dragged to the “hole”. She had partners when she would confront the bullies with an ice pick, she had two body guards and would tell them “I’m already doing life, so whatcha gonna do?” She would never use the ice pick though because she was never challenged.

This woman is my Best Friend, a sister to me really. She’s loyal, has impeccable integrity and only a woman of that caliber can be my best friend. Not all people that go to prison are bad, but make no mistake, there are bad people in prison that belong there rightfully so, but 23 years for attempted murder seems unjust. This is our corrupt justice system for you where lawyers wanted to make a name for themselves. Her only hope is that her legend lives on and someone else filled her shoes.

One of the wardens called her back after her parole was finalized to give her the Woman of The Year Award. This impeccable warden had changed the system of the woman prison and this made her proud. She’s proud to say the warden was a woman of color. She gave her a hug and that was the highest honor she was ever given. There were over two hundred woman that hugged her that day which is illegal as there is to be no physical contact with inmates. Attending guards didn’t say a thing and allowed it because they all respected her so much for all she did while in prison.

The image is her painting, Jane Doe, the music is her music with Blue Meadows, titled “America”. We hope you enjoyed this blog. Her name is Veronica Compton Wallace. She has painted throughout her time in prison until today and has an extensive art collection. Her art is part of history I feel and should be exhibited in our museums.


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