Our Sweet Napoleon

Napoleon 1 Year Old
Napoleon Taking A Nap

Napoleon was born on October 15, 2021. He’s half Boxer, half Golden Retriever. We now have two dogs and one cat. Napoleon was our recent addition and proved to be a quick learner as a puppy. We’ve had him since he was 4 months old. Although his potty training was a challenge the first night with lots of cleanup, but soon after he was learning to go outside. It took consistency and determination to get him to learn, and that he did!

Our Chihuahua mix, Lucky, she took to him soon after she realized he was just a puppy, eager to learn and play. She’s much older, 6 years old now and isn’t much into playing, but on occasion, they will play. We think he overwhelms her with his size and after a short while, she’ll retreat.

So one year old, and many park walks and a few beach walks, he turned out to be an amazing dog, who loves to play with other dogs. Both he and Lucky have a healthy diet and are in good shape right now. Soon it will be time to take him in to get his yearly vaccines. As he continues to grow, we look forward to teaching him more commands. He’s got a great temperament, but if he doesn’t like you, he will let you know by barking at you, close to you. He’s protective and intelligent.

Normally, if he sees other dogs at the park, he’ll run up to them and play with them when he’s off leash. Just recently, we went to the park and a coyote walked out in front about 100 feet away. Napoleon sw him, and being almost his size, we can see him thinking, is this a dog? Should I go up to it? He didn’t run to it this time but stood there walking closer to it just analyzing it. Once we felt the distance between the two was too close for comfort, we called him back. Veronica shouted out to him, “No, don’t go, that is a BAD dog!” He came back and stayed away while the coyote continued on it’s path.

Napoleon is a such a joy to have! Our dogs are wonderful and smart dogs. We love them so much, including our cat, Artemis. We look forward to more years with these precious angels.

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