Veronica Compton’s 66th Birthday!

It’s Veronica’s 66th birthday in Los Angeles. She has moves from Washington State a few years now and resides in LA County. She spends her free time with her dogs, and her best friend and “sister”, Jax.

She has been free since 2003 and has seen the r4ise of technology and can’t keep up with it herself, but I do (Jax). We’re a team. We’re not romantically involved whatsoever. We love each others as sister and we rely upon each other with an understanding that at an immediate moment of crisis, we are all we have at that moment.

I celebrate her 66th birthday and look forward to more as part of my responsibility I feel like, is to keep her alive. She is a three time cancer survivor and has SO MUCH Art to share with the world.

– Jackie

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