Prison Reform Now

I am a rehabilitated felon who has stayed private about my opinions of the Criminal Justice System.

Today I watched “I Am A Killer” on Netflix. I served 23 years in Washington State prison and was released on parole. I never committed another crime since my conviction. I want to say that Netflix has recently released “I Am A Killer”. The title immediately bothered me. I couldn’t see one more propaganda film denying a murderer’s humanity. I do believe in the death penalty for crimes that are severe where rehabilitation is not possible. However, I am a living testament of rehabilitation yes, it can happen even with someone who made choices under the influence of drugs and used violence.

My question is, if I can and am a success story, so can others be. I was sentenced to Natural Life in prison.The first woman in WA state history. It was alleged I was incapable of healthy social functioning; that assumption is incorrect.

Now it’s been over 40 years since my conviction and I remain a stable home owner with a small business. I will never reoffend.

What I question is how inmates who are cut throat , violent and are informants get released before women like me, we literally make the prison more humane and respectful. This in time earned my release. Since my release I’ve raised my now 28 year old daughter and married her father. He became ill with ALS for 7 years and I nursed him through this terrible disease. My point being, we can change, learn, heal and be a productive member of society. I encourage all people to rise above the misnomer that prosecutors fulfill justice. Many do not care if a person grows up in prison and achieves notable recognition for intellectual work that educates and empowers society. See my books on Amazon, “Eating The Ashes”, and “Jane Doe And The Science Of Trauma”.

It’s time we bring the Criminal Justice System into today and create a more humane system. It’s time to listen to the voices and hearts of the 8 million Americans embroiled in the system. Just listen. I would like a solution to be this, a “Life Skills Community”…

  1. Inmates are preselected based on work ethic and respect of others. They are responsible to work and
  2. Create a small community, however the boundaries are secure and well guarded.
  3. It is the responsibility of the inmate to make a livable environment business which provides products for themselves and the public. The goal is for the community to be self sufficient.
  4. The goal is to allow self-actualization in the individual, assessing their functioning should be professionals and an inmate council.
  5. Each person must act civilized and not violate another, also to participate in the building construction and the creation of a food supply chain and clothing etc,.
  6. Each inmate who consistently proves their work is substantial can stay and earn privileges: cigarettes, coffee, marijuana, trailer visits with family.
  7. If the inmate successfully attends Life Skills acumen and passes the instructors requirements they may graduate to the next level.
  8. The idea is to allow them to work in unity with other humans and receive a few perks.
  9. After a sufficient time with sufficient evaluations they may or may not reenter a community such as a work release.
  10. If the inmate complies with the regulations and laws they become possible for parole.

– Ver (The Duchess)

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