This is our drone. We call her Iris.

DJI Mavic Min 2 – Our “Iris”

Our previous drone, a Mavic Mini SE was damaged, so through our warranty we updated to the only available Mavic Mini for purchase, the 2 model, paying the difference of the cost of the old one and the new model.

The technology this drone is engineered with is astounding. We call “her” Iris. I grew up in a time when having a pager, or a Nokia cell phone was the latest gadgets to bring to my awareness. I was always amazed with the functioning aspect of technology to the point where getting a drone was inevitable.

This little device, in a fraction of time can capture what the human eye can’t see; it intrigues my curiosity.

On this particular evening, I took Iris out for a test flight in the evening to see how far and high I felt comfortable with without causing loss of signal. I was amazed right away. The stability during the flight was superb compared to its predecessor, the Mini SE. I felt like I was flying above the houses and freeway traffic. It captured 4K video quality and flew back with ease. We hope you enjoy this evenings video and consider becoming a Patron at – Jax

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