It is time that those of us that have experienced child abuse speak out. I have allowed others to speak on our defense and now it is time we as a community open up to speak about it. Other victims are in prisons throughout the world because they “snapped”. Come on we know and understand the pent up frustrations and fear and horror no one wants to discuss. Truth be told the over kill of mostly men are because we are terrified they are not dead and then our abuse is all the worse if they do survive. For those who have not experienced the terror can never know how or why that when a person does act in a violent way that it is beyond reason ie.. for a woman to shoot more than once or twice or stab in excess. The truth is really about the human terror that if she gets it wrong the abuse is all the worse. While I never did defend myself I can say if I had I certainly would not have risked getting it wrong . This is an issue not appreciated or welcomed by too many people and politicians which leads me to conclude they themselves are molesters.

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