Covid Here

To post this was incredibly complicated because I support someone who is able to assist me in postings however….. Undoubtably others are in this position and Covid emphasizes the inabilities of skills . How are your skills and your dollars spent? How many mouths do you feed etc…etc. So i have Covid. I have not contaminated others and how I got “it”, Doc says ; ‘ you did everything correctly however’… in feb?? I with mask on and sterilizing my door knobs prior to 2019 12-12 and following CDC guidelines, must have breathed after an infected person had left 5 or 10 minutes prior to my walking our dog ….wow!! so here we all are and i have Covid??? This is a devastating and deteriorating illness that I am self learning about. My liver is hurting and has for months and while it began symptomatically by my shortness of breath (weeks prior) and subsequent visit to Holy Cross E.R. where they diagnosed me by my sudden spasmotic almost M.S. seizure attacks they simply said Covid. No meds to assist my body or lungs, boom and out the door. This is what I experienced and you too may have innocently breathed in and whoosh you are left with only a phone call 48 hours later telling you to quarunteen for 2 weeks. The effects are still waging war in my body. My home doc ordered steroids for my breathing and Albuterol for asthmatic gasping. All of us are innocent victims of this. If you are awakening and your arms and legs are out of your control and you can’t get off your bed or scream for help for approx. 10 -20 min. you too may have an onset of Covid. No one told me prior to these awakenings in epileptic type seizures that it could be Covid I had. Yes, awakenings in seizure type fits ….I do not know what else to call these terrible awakenings which I no longer experience but did at the onset for a few nites. So heads up and best of luck because it comes down to just that; ” LUCK” if you do or do not catch this nitemare. World peace, prayers of fortune for all in need. V.

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