The Art Of Music

By: Jax

It was a while ago a personal friend of MA’s, Mary Harrison, visited us in California and introduced us to an artist who has a different perspective on music through numerology. The artist is Michael Dillon, a musician, independent artist and writer of The Musicology of Numerology, which was donated to Museum Americana’s (2 of 9) collection.

Composers/engineers of music are known to have different approaches when creating a piece. For some the approach is based on composition of sound, while others take more of a mathematical approach, one which we weren’t familiar with until we came across this material.

Michael makes the connection between Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, and various and interesting components of he numbers 3,6, and 9. He discusses how numbers are a “representative of a wireless alternating energy that exists between Mankind and the Universe.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Michael’s work on his ideas, visit his other website at

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