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Publishes Whistleblowers Info Worldwide

In 2010, Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange discussed the value of Guantanamo Bay’s secret information later libeled with “conspiracy to commit computer intrusion” which carries a sentence of up to 5 years. Did Assange attempt to hack into government computers via cracking a secret government code?



  •  2007 elections in Tunisia
  •  Secret documents of Scientology
  •  Statements by Joe Bide and Sarah Palin (former Governor of Alaska)
  •  State and corporate secrets
  • US Apache helicopter crew opened fire on 2 journalists, suspected resurgence on  a street corner in Iraq. At least a dozen people killed including innocent civilians (He published film and fact of illegal acts by US tropps)
  • Field reports US Operations in Afghanistan
  •  Iraq War Logs 2004-2009, civilian deaths higher than US claimed
  •  Arab leaders lobbying the US to attack Iran, the State Department had been secretly collecting intelligence on Leaders of the United Nations
  •  2019 Data Dump article

“We don’t go after a  particular country or group we just stick to our promise that it is likely to have significant impact” – Julian Assange (60 Minutes Overtime Interview)

Julian has shared information with the New York Times. Criticisms by press are alleging ‘he has acted erratically by publishing sensitive names into the public arena, placing others in dangerous situations by exposing them’. This is one of the allegations that are just that.

“There is no evidence or any credible allegation from an official body, that we have caused any individual, at any time, to come to harm in the past four years.” J.A.

Over this issue WikiLeaks has made changes in its publishing;

“Our founding values are those of the US Revolution, they are those of people like Jefferson and Madison…”

“If you are a whistleblower, and you have material that is important, we will acccept it, we will defend you, we will publish it.” J.A.

1917 espionage statute and others to extradite and prosecute Assange are being implemented.

“We played inside the US rules.” J.A.

“Bradley Manning is clearly not a traitor but a prisoner of conscience.” J.A.

We of MA, state for the record we support the work of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. As for the whistleblower Bradley Manning who released film documenting our US troops violating Human Rights and US Military Law – well may we all prove as brave as he.


There are symptoms which manifest under duress.

When an individual lives under conditions which are by their very nature restricting of basic Human Rights such as: Freedom to walk outside; talk to whomever, when ever without fear of reprisal by an outside source; or to be unable to freely dictate your daily life and choices of a free man, when these things are denied, trauma is birthed.

The absurd comments about Julian’s personal hygiene is a blow below any ethical belt.

Please feel free to learn about PTSD and its complexities and find your humanity.

MA says: Those that throw stones, are only hitting themselves.

Julian Assange is being held at Belmarsh Prison in the UK until extradition to the United States. The address is listed below.

Western Way

Tel: 020 8331 4400

The Duchess





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