Current Project

In the art world we create, collect, and sell pieces and  master pieces which become a part of history as the door to the art world revolves continuously throughout culture and philanthropy, into every step of the modern world.

Upon analyzing these pieces of our collection, I was inspired to display them here and share the process of inquiring more about the pieces displayed below. They are; Desnuda by  Tarrac, Iron Man & Horse creator unknown, and a Monarchy letter from 1875. We have submitted these pieces for an auction estimate with Christie’s Los Angeles. This process will allow Museum Americana to obtain an estimated value and more information on the two pieces with unknown history.


This is a bronze piece from 1992, by Los Tarrac of Mexican Masters. This piece looks magnificent from every angle it is viewed from. The smooth surfaces are welcoming to touch and embrace. Such a lovely master piece.


Not much is known about this iron piece of the Iron Man On Horse. Not the century it was produced in, or its creator. It generally takes Christie’s four to six weeks to reply back with an auction estimate on pieces submitted.


This is an inherited letter exchanging communication from a European Monarchy from 1875.

Once we have received their estimated value and more information on these pieces of Museum Americana’s collection, we will provide those details in the near future.

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