Museum Diary 9/21/18

Artist: Jax

A new word was created today at the museum. We were discussing during our jam session what would be a good formidable yet accessible name to express us. I thought “Quantum Plank”, later during her bass guitar plucking, Jax says, “Quantumplank just doesn’t sound right, quantumplant, quantumplate…” Interjecting I say, “Yes! Brilliant, you have just created a new word for the American lexicon! Quantum-plate, not contemplate.” Jax laughed and retorted back, “Yes, let me just quantumplate that.” I say to her, “Exactly! Congratulations Jax!

To “Quantumplate” is to use Quantum theory; the string, the bubbles, the multiplicity and singularity, but more to “Quantumplate” is to use the eight sided plank and using that as a crystalline guide and begin to stretch the mind into various patterns. It is to contemplate Schroder, Newton, Eisenberg, and Plank. It is a non-linear boundary. Actually the only boundary may be our imaginations… “Jax, are you listening?” Jax smiles and laughs and says, “Hey, I’m quantumplating.” And no doubt she is.

Physics is a bit more than a hobby here at the museum, Jax and I have tremendous passion about the new paradigms presented when one “quantemplates.”

© Quan-tum-plate: To think beyond linear matter and decision making on a subject or various subjects with the analyzation process from multiple angles. In essence, the ability to maintain multiple thoughts simultaneously even if contradictory positions exist.

By: The Duchess & Jax

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